April 17, 2024

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Keys to Developing Foundations for Dealership Growth

As long as inventory shortages persist, dealers can’t rely on a steady stream of new vehicle customers in the service department. This means that focusing on service retention is more critical than ever. Providing customers with new ways to build trust and long-term loyalty through online digital tools and pricing transparency can mean the difference in keeping or losing your customer.

Online service scheduling. If you are still making customers call you and put them on hold, they are likely defecting to another service provider. Use a tool that allows customers to keep track of their vehicle maintenance and history, and to choose which services they want for their vehicle. Making prices available online and using a scheduling system that automatically sends out confirmation details and reminder texts provides the customer with a sense of security knowing their dealer has their best interest in hand. 

Mobile write-up process. This process allows service advisors to greet customers in the service lane. The advisor can conduct a thorough walk around inspection of their vehicle, provide recommended maintenance through menu selling and deliver on the spot pricing for recommended repairs. You will also be able to capture the customer’s signatures for approval of any needed maintenance or repairs on the service drive. 

Connected technology. Eliminate service technician downtime and improve the overall repair process with a system that allows them to digitally punch in and out, perform digital multipoint inspections, send images of needed repairs to customers, and communicate needed parts and repairs to parts counter people and service advisors.

Online payment options should be at your customers fingertips at any time day or night If your service department closes at 6:00 p.m., don’t make your customers wait another day to pick up their vehicle. Provide remote payment options so your customers can pick up their vehicles at their convenience, not yours. 

When implementing new processes and technology, don’t skimp on the training. Train your staff and hold them accountable for using the new technologies. Use reporting tools in your DMS and CRM to track and monitor progress. 

The more you can digitize your processes, the faster you will be able to scale and grow your dealership.


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