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OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts

OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts

OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts

When you own a motorcycle, you can expect that occasionally something will break down and you will need to replace some things. You then have the choice between OEM parts or aftermarket parts. But what are OEM parts and what are aftermarket parts? And what is the difference between the two? You can read all about that in this blog.

OEM motorcycle parts

First of all we will discuss the OEM parts. OEM stands for Orginal Equipment Manufacturer. This means that these parts are made by the original manufacturer of your motorcycle. This can be companies like Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and many others. These motorcycle parts are new and original. The advantage of these parts is that you are assured of good quality because they are made by recognized manufacturers. In addition, it also adds to your trust when you buy parts from the original manufacturer because these parts always fit your motorcycle and work properly. Also, there is often a warranty attached to these OEM parts. If you are looking for security then it is best to choose OEM motorcycle parts.

Aftermarket motorcycle parts

You can also choose for aftermarket motorcycle parts. Aftermarket brands are brands that are generally easier to obtain. This means that there is a better availability for them and you are therefore assured that the part you are looking for can be found. You can buy these parts in independent motorcycle stores and these parts are also easy to find online. One of the biggest advantages of this high availability of the parts is that in many cases they are less expensive. Of course, the prices of the parts can vary by market but in general they are cheaper than OEM parts. However, this does not mean that the quality is better than the OEM parts, so that is the risk you take. However, there is a very wide variety of aftermarket parts. This means that these aftermarket brands even produce parts that the original manufacturer does not offer. So you can use aftermarket parts as a motorcycle owner to make adjustments to your motorcycle. So you can for example change the color of different parts and customize your motorcycle. However, it is useful to understand motorcycles very well before you start working with these parts, because you do not want to change everything on your motorcycle and then find out that your motorcycle is no longer working!