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Primatene Mist: Product reviews and safety

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Amphastar Prescribed drugs can make the Primatene Mist inhaler, a nonprescription medicine suitable for men and women with delicate bronchial asthma. It is out there from various pharmacies, on the web and in particular person.

Though no prescription is needed, it is important to think about opportunity interactions and other warnings before attempting this treatment.

Under, we provide detailed information about this inhaler, like where to purchase it. We also explain the warnings and when to get hold of a health practitioner.

The active ingredient in this inhaler is epinephrine, a bronchodilator. These prescription drugs relax the smooth muscle tissues in the airways, and this can reduce indicators of asthma, these as wheezing and upper body tightness.

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In 2011, Primatene taken out Primatene Mist from the current market. At the time, this solution contained chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which can deplete the ozone layer.

Instead of CFCs, Primatene Mist now contains hydrofluoroalkane (HFA 134a), a propellant that is accepted below global and United States law.

A 2021 study observed that the new Primatene Mist inhalers that contained HFA 134a are as safe and sound and efficient as the outdated kinds that contained CFCs.

Amphastar Prescription drugs is a organization that manufactures injectable, intranasal, and inhalable products and solutions, these types of as Primatene Mist.

Amphastar Prescription drugs and Primatene do not have Much better Company Bureau or Trustpilot internet pages. The inhaler’s Amazon web site demonstrates an ordinary buyer ranking of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Optimistic critiques mention performance, and a number of shoppers appreciated how a lot a lot easier it was to invest in this item than to wait around for their prescription medicine.

However, people today who still left negative opinions described a burning sensation in their lungs soon after using the product, and a single human being reported shaking.

Primatene notes that the Primatene Mist inhaler is only appropriate for folks who are 12 many years of age or more mature.

A particular person need to only use this inhaler if a health care qualified, these as a health care provider or a pharmacist, has recommended it. It is also critical to be aware that this products is not a substitute for a prescription treatment.

It is also vital to think about other warnings prior to paying for this inhaler.

Primatene Mist is only suited for folks who have received a diagnosis of asthma from a medical doctor.

Primatene adds that persons should check with a health practitioner in advance of working with Primatene Mist if they have ever wanted hospitalization for asthma, or if they have:

Primatene Mist can boost a person’s coronary heart amount and blood pressure. This can boost the hazard of stroke, specially in men and women who:

  • have a heritage of a rapid heart charge and significant blood strain
  • use the inhaler more frequently than the business recommends
  • use a larger dosage than the organization endorses

In addition, people should really steer clear of foods and drinks that comprise caffeine and nutritional supplements that incorporate something that acts as a stimulant when making use of this item.

Primatene warns that people today should really stop utilizing their Primatene Mist inhaler and speak to a medical doctor if they working experience any of the subsequent:

  • worsening bronchial asthma symptoms
  • issues sleeping
  • a fast heart price
  • nervousness
  • tremors
  • a seizure

Primatene experiences that folks who choose prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) need to not use Primatene Mist. This consists of any individual who has taken an MAOI in the past 2 months. Anybody doubtful about this steerage ought to seek advice from a healthcare skilled.

In addition, men and women should really discuss with a pharmacist or a physician initially if they are having:

  • prescription medications for bronchial asthma, being overweight, or depression
  • any prescription or nonprescription medicines that consist of phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, or caffeine

The maker does not offer Primatene Mist on its site. Men and women can buy it at numerous pharmacies and other outlets, which includes:

These selling prices had been appropriate at the time of publishing.

The American Lung Affiliation lists the subsequent treatments that medical doctors may perhaps prescribe for asthma:

  • Anti-inflammatory remedies: Medical practitioners may refer to these medicines as corticosteroids or steroids. They decrease inflammation and mucus output in the airways to make breathing easier. A particular person might have to have to rinse out their mouth with h2o right after using these prescription drugs to lower the danger of a yeast infection producing in their throat.
  • Anticholinergics: This treatment comes in a metered-dose inhaler and relaxes the muscle groups in the airways. Physicians may well recommend these in mix with inhaled corticosteroids.
  • Antibiotics: Health professionals could prescribe antibiotics if bronchial asthma flare-ups arise with an an infection.

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Individuals ought to only use about-the-counter bronchial asthma remedies if a health care provider or pharmacist endorses it.

Master extra about around-the-counter asthma medicines.

Any individual who suspects that they have asthma must consult a healthcare skilled. Indications of asthma involve:

Bronchial asthma indicators can worsen, in what is identified as an “attack.” A person may perhaps be experiencing an asthma attack if, for example:

  • Using an inhaler does not relieve the indicators.
  • They are getting it challenging to breathe.
  • They are acquiring it hard to communicate, try to eat, or slumber due to the symptoms.

Any person who may possibly be owning an asthma attack need to sit upright and test to breathe slowly but surely. If the person does not have an emergency, or reliever, bronchial asthma inhaler, they need to contact 911 or their regional crisis amount and question for an ambulance.

The National Wellbeing Support states that, if the person has a reliever inhaler, they ought to acquire a single puff every single 30 or 60 seconds, up to a optimum of 10 puffs. If this does not function or makes the man or woman experience even worse, they need to get urgent medical consideration.

The underneath are some of the most frequently questioned issues about Primatene Mist:

Is Primatene Mist secure for asthma therapy?

The Food and drug administration has authorized Primatene Mist for the procedure of mild bronchial asthma.

This inhaler is only ideal for people with a analysis of asthma. A person need to only use it if a medical doctor or pharmacist has encouraged it.

In addition, Primatene Mist is not acceptable for youngsters under 12 several years of age.

What are the substances?

The active component is epinephrine, which is a bronchodilator. It relaxes the muscular tissues in the airways.

Primatene Mist also has many inactive components:

  • dehydrated liquor (1{cfdf3f5372635aeb15fd3e2aecc7cb5d7150695e02bd72e0a44f1581164ad809})
  • HFA 134a
  • polysorbate 80
  • thymol

Was Primatene Mist discontinued?

Primatene Mist’s authentic formulation contained CFCs, a propellant that depletes the ozone layer. The company stopped issuing this inhaler in 2011.

Now, Primatene Mist has a various formulation. As an alternative of CFCs, it consists of HFA 134a, a propellant permitted below U.S. and worldwide law. This new version is accessible at pharmacies on the internet and in man or woman.

Primatene Mist is an inhaler that can minimize indicators of moderate bronchial asthma. It is out there devoid of a prescription.

Prior to purchasing the product or service, examine its suitability with a health practitioner or pharmacist. The inhaler can trigger facet effects, and is not acceptable for people who have selected wellness circumstances or who are using specific other remedies.