May 17, 2024

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See what news made this brother’s jaw drop in surprise

It’s beginning to look a lot like … holiday stress! But for a few minutes, let’s focus on some wonderful, funny, and life-affirming moments from the past week.

Ever wonder what the Elf on the Shelf is thinking?

Colorado-based comedian and writer Taylor Wolfe had us laughing this week with her viral impersonations of the Elf on the Shelf.

“Since December first, I’ve seen so many parents post about their elf duties, whether they love it or hate it, and I noticed there’s a lot of passion there,” Wolfe told TODAY Parents. “It made we wonder what the elf’s point of view might be.”

In the short clip, titled “Interview With Elf On The Shelf,” Wolfe touches on her elf origins, as well as the more intense parts of the job, and the results are hilarious.

This woman’s post-delivery food order was all too relatable

Anyone who has given birth knows there are few truly joyful moments in life that compare to that very first meal after the delivery: You can breathe again, you can eat anything you want, and you have, quite literally, an empty belly.

That’s why we’re not surprised TikTok user @ali_hardwick’s video of herself eating a salami submarine sandwich — itself the size of a newborn baby — in the hospital with her infant by her side has garnered more than 10 million views.

“After 9 long months… I was finally able to eat my salami sandwich,” Alexandria wrote in the caption of the video, which is set to the song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

“And the tears of joy poured,” she concluded, as the video showed her blissed-out postpartum smile.

We felt every bit of that bite, and we understand, Alexandria.

A teacher’s dance moves bring his students — and the internet — much joy

Fresno, California, middle school teacher Austin LeMay calls himself a one-trick pony because he has a signature dance move, the ’90s sensation “The Jerk.” But his students, and now all of social media, believes he is much more.

LeMay, who began dancing every Friday with other faculty, staff and students in the school’s quad during lunch a few years ago, became a viral sensation this week for his rendition of the dance.

After being caught on camera and posted to TikTok, more than 30 million people have now benefited from seeing the 30-year-old teacher let go with the kids.

A baby girl’s look of love for her daddy will warm your heart

TikTok user @lewplustwo’s baby girl really, really loves her daddy. Need proof?

Look at that face! That’s a lucky man.

Try not to melt when this baby boy tells his college brother goodbye

They might be 20 years apart in age, but these brothers have a whole lot of love between them.

Hand over the spoon, baby boy. We could just eat you up!

… and this brother had the sweetest reaction to his sister’s big news

TikTok user Skylar Patrick recently shared a video of when she told her brother, Hunter, that she is pregnant. Patrick told her brother to close his eyes and guess what she put in his hand for a TikTok video, then handed him her pregnancy test.

She was surprised when her brother sensed what the object was almost immediately. But his sweet reaction made our hearts swell and gave us hope for siblings who will be there for each other as adults.

“WE STAN A SUPPORTING LOVING BROTHER,” wrote one of the video’s 3,700+ commenters.

Patrick was also quick to clarify in the comments that the pregnancy test cap was definitely on before she gave it to her brother, reassuring anyone who was worried about potential hygiene issues.

You know what you need? A tiny, yawning puppy

You’re welcome.

Have a good weekend, everyone!