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Types of Websites You Can Host On a VPS Server

Types of Websites You Can Host On a VPS Server

Types of Websites You Can Host On a VPS Server

VPS hosting in Australia is one of the best hosting options due to its impressive hardware resources and completely isolated environment, which not only help with improving the loading speed of your website but also create a huge difference in overall website performance.

With VPS hosting, the website gets 15% to 35% faster speed than those hosted with shared hosting plans, creating an opportunity for various types of websites to run more efficiently and deliver an enhanced user experience for their audience, especially if you even have an Australian domain host.

So, if you want to know what different kinds of websites you can run with the help of VPS hosting, then keep reading.

What makes a VPS server special?

Before understanding what kind of website you can host with the help of VPS hosting, let’s understand what makes it unique due to which it is a trendy option-

  1. Private setting in which the user gets root access
  2. Scalability, irrespective of resources and changing environment
  3. Works with Windows, Linux, and a range of other operating systems.
  4. Account isolation ensures that all virtual servers are safe, even if one server faces a security issue.
  5. Better performance as not shared

Types of Websites you can Host with the Help of the best VPS

1.       Microsites and small websites

A small website or microsite is webpages that have fewer resources and manageable online traffic.

All such webpages are run by the owners themselves, so if the VPS is unmanaged, then it’s always better that they have a basic understanding of server and networking administration.

Otherwise, due to a lack of knowledge, there can be like adding layers of complication, and managed VPS can be expensive for small businesses.

So please choose wisely, as even though VPS comes with its feature advantages, it’s essential to evaluate whether or not it is a good option for your business.

2.       Software-as-a-Service

Software-as-a-Service is a web-based service that is increasingly gaining popularity as it delivers online services that are widely used.

SaaS is usually designed to serve several individuals; therefore, they need ample resources with constant availability. With shared hosting, there is a limitation, as one problematic account can affect others.

But with VPS, you have a separate environment that ensures consistent resources with high security. Further, it provides customization options, which makes it perfect for running everything your SaaS requires.

3.       Web Apps

VPS is the best option for web apps as they are different from typical webpages and are more challenging to manage with the need for specialised infrastructures and more resources than usual webpages.

Most web developers trust the idea of VPS hosting more than any other web hosting due to its flexibility and can easily wipe the slate clean and start again and put up with anything that might not be ideal for their requirements.

Also, it allows for complete micromanagement within the VPS environment, with a higher level of resource scalability, which may be required for web applications.

4.       News Websites

New websites often require updates and hold high traffic that can only be handled with VPS capabilities, as shared hosting often needs to be revised to manage such a significant level of traffic with scalability.

Also, with a VPS host, you can easily accommodate the dynamics of multimedia without added strain on present resources. Additionally, migration to VPS hosting is easy, given its scalability and resource management advantages.

5.       E-learning websites

On the top, the majority of educational web pages are formed with primary resources that describe the institution and what it does.

But if you look internally, it is more complex than that, as they have everything to manage, from online instructional resources to mechanisms for processing student loans.

Therefore, a solid and rich backend is the basic need of such web pages, which can only be provided through sophisticated packages like VPS hosting in Australia.

Besides, the majority of educational institutions have their own specialised IT teams that can manage VPS settings with ease, making it the cheapest VPS hosting option they can have.


If you look virtually and theoretically, all uses of VPS hosting are possible, but they have certain limitations.

Therefore, it’s best to constantly evaluate your options based on your current necessities and then make your choice that works for you.